3 tips to help you select a wedding emcee

3 tips to help you select a wedding emcee

One of the most common misconceptions about an awesome wedding reception is that all of the fun just happened. In truth, although an epic party often seems spontaneous, it’s actually planned. While you can’t plan how your guests will live it up, you can do a lot of planning before the wedding that sets the stage for the party of a lifetime.

In our series Fun Wedding How To's, we cover all of the ways you can plan an awesome wedding reception, including how to have a fun wedding, how to plan an effective reception timeline and more. This post covers a topic that many leave as an afterthought: your wedding emcee.

The first thing we need to tell you about your wedding emcee is this:

do NOT wait until the last minute to choose someone!

As we said above, good things take planning, and a wedding emcee that has to ‘wing it’ (because they haven’t had any time to plan) is not going to be the best option.

So, how do you pick the right wedding emcee?

1. Choose Someone Who Is Confident And Friendly

The emcee is the first person that your guests hear from at the reception, and their mood will set the tone for the evening. Focus less on choosing someone who is funny, and more on someone who is upbeat and confident. After all, jokes can be written into the script if you want them there, but a warm personality can’t be faked!

2. Choose Someone Who Is Reliable

They need to take their responsibility seriously to do a great job. Choose someone who you know you can count on to be on time and prepared. That friend who’s the life of the party may have your guests entertained, but he also has to be on top of what needs to happen next!

3. It's Ok To Hire Someone

If you’re drawing a blank for emcee options while reading this, don’t worry - you may be able to hire someone to do the job. Many wedding DJs include emcee services in their packages, or as an add-on. Failing that, your wedding planner may be able to point you in the right direction.


If, however, you have been able to pinpoint just the right person to take charge of your wedding reception as the emcee, we’ve put together a list of pointers for you to pass on to them. Download it now by signing up below!

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