For us it starts with helping women get back on their feet with a pair of incredibly comfortable Rescue Flats. But that is just the beginning. In everything we do, we aim to empower women. From the exceptionally talented women we hire to the charities we support, we are focused on empowering women to be the best they can be.

Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a woman the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world”. And so – we designed the world’s most comfortable pair of emergency shoes. But we also believe that it may require a little bit more than that. We are on a personal and professional journey to define success for ourselves as women, mothers, friends, entrepreneurs and leaders. When women support each other, we can accomplish amazing things.

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Rescue Flats is proud to support these amazing organizations that empower girls & women.

Meet our team of fabulous women.

Amber Campbell, Vice President Client Experience

What you do at Rescue Flats (in 10 words or less): Provide attentive and thoughtful customer service to our fabulous clients.

Wedding Date: October 6, 2007

Favorite Wedding Memory: We were married at an elegant and historic golf club in Quebec, Canada as the maple leaves were displaying their gorgeous autumn hues. During our reception we played the “Shoe Game” using signs with my name and my husband’s name printed on them in bold letters. These signs somehow made their way onto the dance floor that night. We have some extremely funny photos with so many of our guests holding up these signs as we all danced together. Our dance floor was so packed that the DJ called “last song” for an hour…until finally wrapping up after two o’clock in the morning! We had the time of our lives that night celebrating our love with all our closest family and friends.

Amber’s Story: Sarah and I met in 2010 at a prenatal class when we were both pregnant with our first children. After having our babies just a few days apart, we stayed connected and shared some amazing highs and lows together as first time mothers. The indescribable support, understanding and friendship that stemmed from this incredible experience bonded us together as friends for life.

In 2016 when my youngest daughter turned three, I felt ready to return to work but wanted to find something with flexibility. I knew my previous career was not conducive to preschool drop offs, daytime gymnastics class and afternoon bus pickups. One day Sarah suggested that Rescue Flats would be a perfect fit, and a few months later I joined the team.

I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing company that is run by strong and hard-working women, who value success, family and flexibility. We work together every day to support each other as we define our own terms of what supportive and rewarding work is. At Rescue Flats, we strive to share love with all of those around us – our clients, our families, and each other.

Jeni Mundy, Chief Operations Officer

What you do at Rescue Flats (in 10 words or less): Innovate, build and make magic happen behind the scenes.

Wedding Date: December 6, 2011

Favorite Wedding Memory: During the reception of our destination wedding, I remember pausing for a moment to take in the fact that 25 of our closest family and friends had traveled such a long way to share one of the best moments of our lives. Everyone was talking, laughing, and eating great food in a beautiful place. What more could I want out of life?

Jeni’s Story: I joined Rescue Flats right after my maternity leave in 2014. After having my son, it became clear that I wanted something more from my working life that my previous career couldn’t offer. I wanted the freedom to be creative, to build on my own terms, to support women, and celebrate something every single day that the world needs a little bit more of – love.

Sarah Befus, President & CEO

What you do at Rescue Flats (in 10 words or less): Dream, execute, lead, repeat.

Wedding Date: October 17, 2009

Favorite Wedding Memory: “I’ve got a feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas had just been released and the DJ played it around 11pm. Everyone got on the dance floor and we danced the night away. It was such a great feeling to be surrounded by so many people I love.

Sarah’s Story: I fell in love with entrepreneurship at a young age. Long before I could spell the word “entrepreneurship” I knew that creating businesses was something I loved to do and something I was good at. In grade six I started a successful t-shirt company that gave me my first taste of running my own business. I loved it and I never forgot that feeling. Fast forward twenty-some years later I finally found my way back that place. I love designing products that help make people’s lives better. I always knew I would end up an entrepreneur – what I didn’t know was that it wouldn’t happen until I was in my thirties and what it would take to get here - a little luck, a few tears, a lot of laughter, and a whole lot of hard work.