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2017 Rescue Flats Collection

Keep your wedding guests entertained and dancing all night long. Click to learn more. |


2017 New Product Features

Dance Quotes

Put a smile on your guest’s faces as they get ready to dance the night away! Each pair of 2017 Rescue Flats now includes an adorable and inspiring dance quote bound to get your guests on the dance floor!

Adoreable dance quotes on the inside of each pair of ballet flats for your guests. Click to learn more. |

Easy to display box (now even easier!)

Setting up your Rescue Flats display has never been easier. This year, we have added a dance sign to the inner display box to make set up a breeze. Just open your display box and presto! Set up is complete and you’re ready for your best night ever!

Your 2017 Rescue Flats display box includes 20 pairs of Rescue Flats (5 small, 10 medium and 5 large) each wrapped in satin ribbon, 20 heels bag (to protect your guests’ Jimmy Choo's once their Rescue Flats are on), and a black display box with the inner box signage “From us to you. Slip off your heels and dance!”


Artfully designed, lovingly crafted ballet flats in a beautiful display box that says both “Thank you for coming” and “Shall we dance?” Click to learn more. |

Introducing Pink, Champagne and Silver!

A better alternative to wedding flip flops for your guests. They'll actually be able to dance in our ballet flats! Click to learn more. |


On trend, stunning and sure to make a big impression at your wedding. We are thrilled to announce Pink, Champagne and Silver as our 2017 limited edition colours. Our award-winning Gold, Slate, Lavender and Black will be back, by popular demand. The hardest part now –picking your Rescue Flats colours!

Your Rescue Flats colour selection has a big impact on the mood of the room (our brides tell us this all the time!). While chair covers and decor accents help to build the atmosphere of the room, so does the colour of your Rescue Flats. Close your eyes and dream of your wedding day. Colours create moods and moods create experiences. What colour do you see?


The perfect addition to your bridesmaid proposals. Artfully deisgned and lovingly crafted ballet flats for the dance floor. Click to learn more. |

Pink (matte)

Soft and sweet and oh so feminine matte pink. The ballerina in all of us will be thrilled to don a pair of ballet pink Rescue Flats and dance the night away.

Consider pink if your wedding colour palette includes: pastels, ivory, pink, turquoise or gold.

Perfect Rescue Flats pairings: Silver, Gold and Pink Rescue Flats is a beautiful colour combination that looks stunning and is a definite crowd pleaser – your guests will love having the freedom to choose the colour of Rescue Flats that best suits their outfit!


The perfect addition to your bridesmaid proposals. Artfully deisgned and lovingly crafted champagne ballet flats for the dance floor. Click to learn more. |

Champagne (matte)

Classic and luxurious, our matte champagne is a light warm beige colour with just a hint of shimmer. We’re pretty sure these beauties are going to give our best seller – Gold – some serious competition this year. If your wedding reception is all about elegance, lace and of course bubbly champagne, this colour is a must have for you!

Consider champagne if your colour palette includes ivory, gold, champagne, pink, blue, purple, peach, coral, lavender, turquoise, teal, burgundy, lilac (or pretty much any colour!).

Perfect Rescue Flats pairings: For the ultimate black tie experience we love the look of Champagne and Black paired together.


The perfect addition to your bridesmaid proposals. Artfully deisgned and lovingly crafted silver ballet flats for the dance floor. Click to learn more. |

Silver (matte)

Classically perfect. Our matte Silver is the perfect blend of soft grey with just the right amount of sheen. So trendy that the teenagers will go wild for a pair, yet classic enough that your grandma will be wearing hers all night long.

Perfect Rescue Flats pairings: Our matte Silver matches perfectly with all our Rescue Flats colours: Gold, Slate, Lavender, Black, Pink and Champagne.

Consider Silver if your colour palette includes rich jewel tones, metallics, pink, silver, blue, purple, peach, turquoise or teal.


Gold Rescue Flats Wedding Favors

Gold (metallic)

By far our best seller, our simply gorgeous Gold is sure to impress. Gold truly complements almost any colour palette. Our light shimmery Gold is a fabulous choice for weddings featuring gold, jewel tones like ruby red and hunter green, and also complements pretty pastels. An entire room of guests wearing gold shoes sets a pretty spectacular scene!

Slate Rescue Flats Wedding Favors

Slate (metallic)

Our striking Slate is a dark silver, graphite colour. Dramatic and metallic, Slate complements silver, blue and aubergine tones and accents. A great choice for fall and winter weddings.

Lavender Rescue Flats Wedding Favors

Lavender (metallic)

Soft and feminine, our Lavender complements a range of pastel colours including light pinks, purples and blues. Perfect for Spring and Summer weddings, this light shimmery purple will surely add a splash of colour to your dance floor!

Black Rescue Flats Wedding Favors

Black (patent)

Our classic Black patent is a fantastic choice for any wedding. Our shiny Black looks fabulous with black and white palettes and lends to a formal, traditional feel. Black is also sure to coordinate with all of your guests outfits.

New for 2017!

Helping wedding guests and party goers have the best night ever. Dance all night long with these foldable gold ballet flats that fit in your purse. Click to learn more. |


You can now purchase Rescue Flats as singles! Perfect for gifting your bridesmaids or to refill your box set with the unique sizing you need, the only limit to these single Rescue Flats is your imagination. Our single Rescue Flats are available in Gold and come in sizes xsmall (4-5), small (6-7), medium (8-9), large (10-11) and xlarge (12-13).

Created with the DIY bride in mind, order your foldable ballet flats in bulk to keep your wedding guests dancing all night long. Click to learn more. |

20 Pack

Designed with the DIY Bride in mind. Order your Rescue Flats in bulk and enjoy the freedom to create your own Rescue Flats display. Each bag includes 5 small, 10 medium and 5 large pairs of Rescue Flats. Note that the biggest difference between the 20 pack and our box sets is that the 20 pack DOES NOT include satin ribbon, heels bags or a display box.


Our President & CEO , Sarah Befus took to Instagram this week to discuss our new 2017 Rescue Flats Collection. Click on the video below to see what she had to say!

View our 2017 Collection.

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